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60 years of Textile History

Most modern Terry Towel unit  of Pakistan

Backed up with 6 state-of-the-art Spinning units

Self-Sufficient in Energy Needs

Group’s Textile Outlook

Indus Group has been active in the textile industry for over 60 years. Originally founded as a company specialized in the pre-cleaning and ginning of cotton, it has developed into one of the largest and well established textile groups in the country.
Group’s Turnover is above US$ 300 million worth of textile materials out of which approx. US$ 75 million comprise terry towels and remaining is cotton yarn.
The experience gained by the company over many years, is reflected in a deep understanding of the cotton business along with strong technical, financial and personnel resources. We produce its own electrical power to remain independent and self-sufficient.
Spinning Mills:
The spinning operation comprises 6 spinning mills having 225,000 spindles. A wide variety of yarns are produced in these mills. Spinning mills annually produce approx. 42,000 tons of yarn.
Ginning Mills (Raw Cotton):
The harvested cotton is pre-cleaned in four factories located in four different cities in the best cotton areas of the Punjab Region. Through selective purchasing from the farmers, careful drying and thorough blending, about 19,000 metric tons of cotton are processed every year.


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